About Me

Hello there! My name is Lois! I'm spectacularly fussy about teaching proper technique and exceptionally highly qualified. I'm warm and friendly too!

What do I bring to my classes?

I firmly believe that learning Pilates the correct way can transform your life, whether through rehabilitation or part of a regular exercise regime. My classes will challenge you, are highly enjoyable and are safe and effective. I chose the Body Control methodology for my qualifications as it is simply the international benchmark for high quality Pilates.

I have extended my training and passed (with distinctions) Pilates exams in:

I am also a trainee Osteopath at the University College of Osteopathy in London, formerly the British School of Osteopathy and bring my enhanced physiology knowledge into my Pilates classes.

What is Osteopathy and how will this help my Pilates?

Osteopathy and Pilates essentially have the same goals but work in different ways to achieve them - Osteopathy is like physiotherapy and chiropractor rolled into one; it's a way of detecting, treating and preventing health problems by moving, stretching, manipulating and massaging a person's tissues and joints; its philosophy is based on "the rule of the artery is supreme" meaning that a good blood flow is key to overall systemic health. Pilates achieves similar goals by increasing blood flow via controlled movements and stretching of the body's kinetic chains with a particular emphasis on building the core muscles.

Together they work to:

How did I get involved with Pilates?

After leaving school my passion for sports never really left me; I took up figure skating and went on to specialise in Ice Dance, then in 2010 I completed a Sports Science Degree thus enabling me to become a Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer. Shortly after I had a skating accident which left me with a broken ankle and persistent Achilles problems and this was how I became more heavily involved in Pilates.

During this time, I realised the amazing benefits of Pilates with regards to recovering from injury. I also noticed how strong my core became, which in the long run made me a far better skater as a result. This was when I decided to switch from Personal Training to becoming a full-time Pilates Instructor and never looked back.